Our attorneys have considerable experience advising clients in relation to commercial due diligence activities across the full spectrum of intellectual property (IP) rights.

Intellectual Property Strategy

IP Portfolio Management

Our patent and trade mark attorneys regularly advise on IP portfolio management, with a focus on alignment with each client?s overall corporate objectives and strategy.

We understand the need to review expenditure, IP asset value and portfolio management decisions on a regular basis, to check alignment with the current business objectives and market conditions. We approach this with a desire to understand your business needs and to provide a solution that achieves your objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.

We understand the need to strike the right balance between cost and protection for each individual business (and sometimes each IP asset), taking account of competitive threats and business opportunities. Our advice will sometimes be to file in fewer countries, or not to renew some registered rights, or to refine the scope of goods/ services of a trademark portfolio, or to divest certain IP assets that are no longer of strategic value. For other clients, our advice may be to proceed with a more vigorous invention identification and IP filing strategy to quickly develop a competitive portfolio, while identifying operations that can be handled within your business or outsourced to us or other specialists, according to your preference. The solution and the expert team we assemble are different for every client.


Our services include:

? Competitive IP landscape analysis and risk assessments

? Project reviews to identify and select IP rights

? IP audits, including advice on entitlement/ownership issues

? Advice on local and worldwide filing and prosecution strategies, and their implementation

? Advice on IP licensing, acquisitions and divestitures

? Reviews of your IP asset maintenance priorities, with reference to your budgets and commercial objectives and strategy

IP Due Diligence & Freedom to Operate

Clients value our commercial focus and attention to detail in helping them to evaluate and realize new business opportunities.

The assessment of IP portfolios continues to play an important role in commercial due diligence for companies seeking to realize the value of their IP portfolios through product branding, licensing and commercialization. IP due diligence typically requires the independent assessment of one of more third party IP rights in the context of a proposed commercial agreement or transaction. Such assessments often include the consideration of matters relating to IP ownership, patentability/registrability and freedom-to-operate, and may be required during the course of proposed mergers and acquisitions, investment funding rounds, or as part of licensing agreements.

We understand the importance of effective IP due diligence as a means to evaluate new business opportunities and mitigate commercial risk. Clients choose to work with us in this area because they value our ability to provide advice that is timely, pragmatic and commercially focused. Our breadth and diversity of IP professionals means that we are able to advise clients across the full spectrum of IP rights in addition to associated contractual matters.

IP Transactions, Ownership & Licensing

We regularly advise clients in relation to commercializing their IP. When entering into negotiations for contracts involving IP it is important that client?s interests are protected and that the appropriate rights are secured in the transaction.

We have the experience and focus to help guide you through what is a technical legal area to achieve a result that meets your commercial aims for all of your non-contentious IP requirements.

Our services include:

? Drafting assignments and licenses

? IP contract reviews

? IP due diligence

? IP audits

? Developing IP ownership and licensing structures

? Dispute settlement agreements

? Recording transactions at Intellectual Property Offices

IP Strategy & Audits

We work with clients across all industry sectors to put in place effective strategies for the protection and commercialization of their intellectual property (IP).

The IP strategy should be aligned with a company?s business strategy and, simply put, is a plan to acquire IP assets and/or leverage the most value from existing IP assets.

In order to maximize the use of a company?s IP assets we work with our clients to identify the IP assets they have and carry out an IP audit, helping to determine:


? What IP they have that can be protected;

? Where there are gaps in protection;

? The risks and opportunities, looking beyond the current business model;

? And ultimately whether the IP is aligned with the business strategy or if they are spending money unnecessarily.

We understand that clients want to monetize and exploit their IP assets to achieve their business goals and we work with them to do this in line with the agreed strategy; and with a commercial focus.

Should matters become litigious we also develop litigation strategies which include putting procedures in place to improve potential contentious positions and coordination of cross-jurisdictional disputes.


Our services include:

? IP audits????????

? IP due diligence

? IP portfolio management and maintenance advice

? Project reviews to identify potential IP

? Strategy reviews

? IP Litigation strategic advice

? Marketplace and competitor surveillance

We remain committed to your return on investment and ensure your intellectual property protection provides value, fits in your over all business strategy and has a positive effect on your bottom line. Alluvial IP always working closely with Clients

Our services include:

IP due diligence for clients seeking to commercialize their own IP


We support clients seeking to commercialize their IP through agreements and transactions with third parties. This work typically involves providing information and advice to third party advisers on behalf of our clients and working with them to ensure our client?s best interests are realized throughout commercial negotiations.

IP due diligence for clients seeking to acquire third party IP

We also support clients seeking to acquire rights under third party IP rights through agreements and transactions with third parties. This work typically involves liaising with third party advisers on behalf of our clients to assess IP portfolios relevant to their proposed commercial activities


Freedom-to-operate assessments

Clients regularly ask us to assess the impact of third party IP rights on their proposed commercial activities. This work typically involves analyzing third party IP, often following relevant legal searches, and advising clients on their ability to market a particular product or service.

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