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Our services include:

Initial advice on the most appropriate form of design protection

General advice regarding Registered Design filing strategies

Preparation, filing and prosecution of applications for Pakistan national.

Coordinating the filing of design applications in other countries

Advice and assistance in relation to infringement of registered and unregistered design rights and attacks on validity

Advice on licensing and assignment of designs

Advice on ownership of designs

Conducting investigations to determine the registration potential of designs and any risk of infringing third-party rights

Our attorneys can directly file applications for registered designs in Pakistan on your behalf. We can also assist with filing applications in other countries.

If you have a product that attracts customers because of the way it looks, you should consider registering the design.

Our specialist attorneys can directly file applications for Pakistan registered designs on your behalf. We can also assist with filing applications in other countries.

Before you apply to register your design, we can arrange a search to assess either the novelty or individual character of the proposed design, or the risk of infringement of existing third party rights.

Patent drafting

Interpreting search reports and ?invention spotting?, including patentability assessments

Advising on worldwide patent filing, including when and where to file, and the coordination of non-patent publications

Determining inventor ship

Preparing and filing patent specifications and patent term extension applications for pharmaceutical and agrochemical products (including Supplementary Protection



Patent prosecution

Considering and responding to examination reports issued by patent offices, including advising on amendment options and preparing technical and legal arguments, and instructing overseas patent attorneys

Preparing inventor declarations in support of patent applications

Filing third-party observations during examination proceedings

Conducting oral proceedings before patent examination matters

Providing strategic advice to in-house patent counsel on complex, high-value

prosecution cases, particularly where future litigation is anticipated

Preparing and filing applications for re-establishment of patent rights


Conducting patent opposition proceedings before the EPO

Representing patent owners and opponents before the EPO during opposition and

appeal proceedings

Carrying out pre-opposition patent validity assessments

Conducting prior art searches and assessing results

Preparing and filing notices and substantive grounds of opposition and appeal

Conducting oral proceedings before the EPO for patent oppositions and appeals

Coordinating multiple opposition and appeal proceedings in related technology fields

Providing general strategic advice on third party patents

Advice relating to patent infringement and validity

Conducting prior art searches and assessing results

Providing patent validity and/or infringement opinions

Providing freedom-to-operate opinions

Providing general strategic advice on third party patents

Advice relating to patent ownership and licensing of technology

Registering patent licenses, assignments and transfers of ownership

Advising on ownership and transfer of patent rights

Drafting and advising on the scope of patent licenses and assignments


Conducting patent due diligence

Assessing third party patent portfolios as part of due diligence exercises

Providing independent assessments of patent validity and/or infringement

Providing independent assessments of patentability

Providing independent assessments of patent ownership

At Alluvial IP, we provide a comprehensive service offering to help you protect your Intellectual Property and maximize your assets. By combining the expertise of patent and trade mark attorneys, as well as solicitors within a single firm, we can offer you a customized comprehensive service.

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