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Real Estate

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If you are planning to purchase real property in Gwadar, Pakistan. We offer a complete package of services for you. We make purchasing real estate safe and easy to understand.

Supported by us from the preparation of the contract through to the full transfer of title, you spare yourself avoidable risks and sleepless nights.

We know that a real estate investment is often a very significant decision for our clients, and we help them in taking and executing this decision in an informed and safe manner.

Our package of services covers legal review of all documents regarding the object, an easy-to-understand summary, contractual negotiations, and the complete administration of the purchase procedure including obtaining all essential documents, representation at meetings, administration of all payments and full support throughout the purchase process up until the transfer of title.

We attach particular importance to rapid and results-orientated work, along with diligence and providing easy-to-understand explanations.

If you are financing the purchase price, we will contact the bank and coordinate that the payment conditions in the purchase agreement meet the conditions of the loan, so that the loan amount is actually on hand when the purchase price falls due. Also included in our fee is the representation for registering security on the land, which is normally required by the bank.

We offer these services in English, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Turkish and Russian.

Our fee is a fixed fee based on the purchase price and does not increase if a matter becomes more complicated. Often it is even less than the cost that you would otherwise incur for translations, additional travel costs, and the interpreter for the notarization. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding quote.


Contracts by which a party undertakes to sell or buy property must be certified by a notary.

The certification obligation thus applies to property purchase agreements as well as property development agreements, but also to construction management agreements and construction contracts if they form a unit with a property agreement or are dependent on the purchase of a property.

Certification seeks to protect the purchaser from the far-reaching consequences of hasty transactions, among other things. The notary is neutral and points out various aspects regarding the purchase agreement, e.g. that ancillary agreements are ineffective. He or she does not review attached documents, nor must he or she point out financially disadvantageous situations or all risks. Generally, this is only done by the purchaser's lawyer, who exclusively represents the purchaser's interests when reviewing the purchase agreements.

Transfer of Ownership

Ownership is not transferred upon conclusion of the notarized agreement, but rather only passes to the purchaser once they have reached an agreement with the vendor on the transfer of ownership and the change in the legal situation has been entered into the land register. As the change in the legal situation, the so-called conveyance, in the land register takes some time, the rights of the purchasers are protected during this period by the entry of a so-called priority notice.

Real Estate Consultancy

We operate strategically and giving investors access to up-to-date intelligence and transaction opportunities in key investment places. We seek to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients, providing consistently high levels of personalized service and advice. We have a record of integrity.

Our expertise includes:

Investment acquisitions and disposals 

Capital sourcing and equity placement 

Joint ventures 

Land Buying

Land sales 

Debt advisory 

Evaluation of assets within Non-Performing Loans 

Post purchase asset and property management


Personalized service on a global scale. As the privately owned real estate consultancy, Alluvial IP Real Estate Consultant is driven by a uniquely personal culture. This culture enables a tailored approach to assisting our clients and drives us to continually strengthen relationships across our network.

We provide unrivalled access to on and off commercial market opportunities, leveraging our relationships with privately and publicly owned companies, institutional funds, Sovereign Wealth and high net worth individuals.

Our Global Capital Markets Group acts on the most high profile property transactions. The group works with institutional, private equity, family offices, sovereign wealth and real estate companies in the acquisition and disposal of property.

We cover the office, residential, retail, industrial, leisure, open land and hotel sectors.

Global Market Insight

Supported by specialist market research analysts, our network utilizes the very latest market insight to inform our investment advice and recommendations.

This enables us to provide a tailored approach to assisting our clients, drives us to continually strengthen relationships across our network and importantly affords us the agility to stay ahead of our larger competitors. We strive to provide a ?personalized service.

Excellent information sharing and market intelligence ensures clients receive the optimum advice. Establishing good relationships is absolutely essential. Rapport and trust are crucial. We believe the principal drivers of our success are our access to stock, the right client base and a highly collaborative network of Competent team.

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Real Estate Consultancy & Legal Services


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