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Filing Requirements for Trademarks/Service Marks

Note: All documents must be in English, if not then a certified translation and transliteration should be submitted.

Registration of Trademarks or Service marks/TM-01: 

Basic Requirements

1. Simply signed POA. 

2. Name, address and nationality of the applicant.

3. List of goods or services classified under the prescribed classification (Class 01-45) of Nice Agreement (Ninth Edition).

4. Clear copy of trademark.

5. Answer of whether the applicant wants to apply in Bangladesh as manufacturer, importer or service-provider.

Conditional Requirements

1. If the priority is claimed then certified priority documents should be provided.

2. If there is any human picture in the logo/label then the NOC from that person has to be submitted.

3. If the applicant wants to apply as an importer other than manufacturer or service provider, then import license or registration documents, manufacturer’s permission letter to use the mark by importer (when importer is different than manufacturer) and the information about whether the importer buys all or partial production from manufacturer have to be submitted.


1. Simply signed POA. 

2. Signed form 24 is to be submitted by assignor and assignee.

3. Name, address and nationality of the applicant/assignee.

4. Trademark application or registration number. 

5. Copy of the mark.

6. Certified copy of Deed of Assignment signed by assignor and assignee to be attested by Bangladeshi Embassy of country of deed.

7. Whether the assignment is with or without the goodwill of business. If it is without goodwill then it has to be applied for registration within 6 months from the assignment deed.

8. If the title is assigned to a company from an individual and if the company is incorporated after the trademark application, then the applicant shall submit the evidence with an Affidavit that the trademark has been used in the business operated in Bangladesh before the date of assignment of title to the company.


1. Simply signed POA.

2. Name, address and nationality of the applicant.

3. Copy of registration certificate.

True Copy/TM-21:

1. Simply signed POA.

2. Name, address and nationality of the applicant.

1. Copy of certificate.


3. Simply signed POA.

4. Name, address and nationality of the applicant.

5. New copy of mark.

6. In case of address, only the new address.

7. In case of name, an affidavit of change of name duly attested and notarized by competent authority.


1. Simply signed POA.

2. Name, address and nationality of the applicant.

3. Copy of mark.



To file a patent application in Bangladesh, the following is needed:

1. Description of the applicant(s) (name, address and nationality).

2. Description of the Inventor(s) (name address and nationality).

3. Three sets of specifications.

4. Three sets of drawings on tracing papers (transparent papers).

5. Certified copy of the priority documents or its description in case of urgency.

6. Legalized assignment.

7. Authorization duly sealed and signed by the applicants.

Copy Rights


1 .Power of Attorney (P/A) in favour of undersigned

2. Declaration by the Artist for every application.

3. The Artistic works/calligraphy or labels/cartons four copies are required to be submitted to the office of the copyright.

Note 1. Every application for registration of copyright shall be made in triplicate, which will prepare and signed, by the local authorized agent.

Note 2. Every application for registration shall be in respect of one work only.

Note 3. Every application file in separate prayer.



To file an application for the registration of a design, the following is needed.

1. Name of the inventor (applicant).

2. Address(s) and nationality of the inventors.

3. Two sets of specifications of design.

4. Four sets of 3D pictures of the products from 4 sides.

5. A Power of Attorney.

6. Certified copy of the Priority Documents.

7. Legalized deed of assignment.

8. Affidavit by the applicant.

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